Other Services

In the course of comprehensive cemetery restoration, it is often necessary to provide supplementary documentation, specialized research and other services. As a full service company, Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration, Inc. partners with professional consultants to offer the additional services below:

Cemetery Mapping

  • Precision electronic total station survey of all visible cemetery features.
  • Map illustration with Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Large scale printed versions of cemetery site maps.
  • Topographic maps for monitoring erosion.
Cemetery survey with Nikon Total Station

Precise cemetery maps are extremely useful to contemporary property managers and provide a detailed and accurate depiction of the current status that is also very beneficial in ongoing perpetual cemetery care.

Subsurface Imaging

Image of GPR profile
  • Unmarked grave location with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).
  • Classification of vacant areas within cemetery properties.
  • Buried feature detection utilizing EMC, Magnetometry and VLF
    metal detection.

Geophysical measurement technologies may be employed in pioneer cemeteries to identify discrete areas consisting of unmarked graves. Location of vacant areas within a cemetery may be determined as such and prepared for safe future sale or use. The image at right is a GPR profile demonstrating a series of subsurface anomalies.

Replacement Grave Markers

  • For placement on unmarked graves.
  • Affordable tablets and crosses of Bedford limestone.
  • Flat granite markers.
Replacement gravestones over unmarked graves

Wrought Iron Fence Restoration

  • Repair, replacement and replication.
Restoration of wrought iron fence by Rustic Fencing, Inc.

Please feel free to request additional information about these services.


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Survey of gravestones overlaid on existing plat map

Click above to view larger image.

The above thumbnail image links to a D-size drawing of a 1-acre cemetery. The precision survey of this cemetery site includes all visible surface features including grave markers, fences, driveway, trees, etc. The survey data has been referenced to and layered over a numbered plat unit base map that existed only on paper prior to this study.

This site survey was designed to integrate the original cemetery plat map, burials and records of ownership with all currently visible features enabling cemetery management personnel to understand and reconcile spatial errors in existing burial records.

Mapping this cemetery also provided the means to carry out subsurface imaging research that subsequently determined vacant areas for potential future cemetery use.

Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration, Inc.; Indiana based, full-service cemetery restoration company specializing in renovation and repair of pioneer cemeteries